Beast Kingdom- Alice In Wonderland Master Craft The Cheshire Cat

Statue by Beast Kingdom
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Oh, you're sure to do that, if you only walk long enough. ——Cheshire Cat
From its release in 1951, Disney’s animated classic “Alice In Wonderland”
has been cherished by fans the world over! Through the eyes of the hero
Alice, viewers were transported to a dreamlike wonderland where
nothing is as it seems! Amongst the many fascinating encounters, the
‘Cheshire Cat’, with its spooky grin stands out as one of the most
infamous characters in the film!
Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ is ready to take you
to another world with the latest Master Craft statue; MC-044 Cheshire
Cat! Representing the highest manufacturing brand of Beast Kingdom,
the Cheshire Cat statue is a hand-carved, hand-painted masterpiece for
fans of high-end collectibles.
Recreating the scene where the cat is lazily basking on a tree and
conversing with the lost Alice, the statue accurately brings to life the pink,
tattooed body, and surreal grin!
The plump body sits atop a wooden style base, complete with an
individually numbered plaque!
This is a one of a kind collectible that is perfect for fans of the surreal and
otherworldly cat!

MC-044 Alice In Wonderland Master Craft The Cheshire Cat is limited
to only 3,999 pieces worldwide, so make sure yours is ordered from an
official outlet today!
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