Titanosaur Embryo Fossil Replica

Replica by Master Replicas

Master Replica's Titanosaur Embryo DINORAMA was created by MRG paleo artists, using artistic interpretation based on current scientific data.

The highly-detailed Titanosaur is shown fully-formed, just prior to hatching.

The name "Titan" alludes to mythological Titans of ancient Greece.

This fully grown dinosaur was estimated to weigh approximately 70 metric tons and measure 122 feet long; the length of three school buses. It was the last of the long neck sauropods, still thriving at the time of the extinction event at the end of the Cretaceous Period.

At 8" in diameter, our Titanosaur Embryo DINORAMA™ is the perfect size to display on your desk. The master pattern for each of our DINORAMAS™ was proudly created in the USA. Each sculpture is expertly hand-cast and professionally hand-finished at our facility in Pennsylvania.

If you are interested in dinosaurs, pre-history or animals, you'll want to add this amazing dinosaur art sculpture to your collection!

This item is a Pre-Order! That means it is still in production and we do not yet know shipping costs. Please note that by placing this order your deposit is non-refundable unless the manufacturer cancels production. 

***Many items ships double-boxed!!***

All sixth scale figures and many more items come double-boxed automatically when purchased through Secret Compass! Most other dealers will slap a label right on the cardboard shipper and ship that way with no protection. Secret Compass recognizes the value in your collectible figure and we always double-box the cardboard shipper, which comes fresh out of a master case so it shows no sign of shipping before it ships to you.

This item is still in pre-order and we do not know what the final shipping costs will be.

Because the item in still production, we do not know the final weight or dimensions, or even how many boxes there will be. Therefore, we cannot give you an accurate quote. Actual shipping rates will be determined when the item is in stock, and will be reflected on your final invoice.

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1/6 or 1/10 Scale Figures

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1/4 Scale (Premium Format Figures)

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International: $95-$175

1/3 Scale (Prime 1)

Domestic: $35-$50
International: $120-$220

1/2 Scale (Prime 1, Legendary Scale)

Domestic: $50-$80
International: $280-$480

Please note that size can vary greatly between different figures, and the above are only estimates based on figures we have seen in the past.

These estimates are by no means a guarantee of your final shipping cost - your final cost could be less or more!

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