Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

These Pre-Order Terms and Conditions (these “Terms”) govern the placing of a pre-order (“Pre-Order”) with Secret Compass, Inc, a Colorado corporation (the “Company”) supplying the Product (as defined below) to you (the "Customer"). Please read these Terms carefully before submitting your Pre-Order of any Product available on the Company website. By submitting a Pre-Order, you (the “Customer”) are entering into an agreement between you (the "Customer") and the Company, made and effective on the date of Pre-Order Submission, subject to the following Terms.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, change these Terms without notice to the Customer. By submitting a Pre-Order after these Terms have been modified, you are agreeing to such modifications.

1. Product: A Product available for Pre-Order is any item designated as “Pre-Order” on the Product webpage on the Company website. A Product available for Pre-Order is not immediately available for shipment. A Product is reserved for the Customer when the Customer submits a Pre-Order for it.

2. Product Release Date: The release date for a Product available for Pre-Order is determined by the manufacturer of the product. The release date is specified on the Product webpage, and is an estimation of when the Product will be available for shipment by the Company. Availability of the Product on or before the release date is not guaranteed. As we cannot guarantee delivery dates, products may arrive early or late. All payment plans are immediately due in full if the product arrives in stock

3. Non-Refundable Deposit: Many Products available for Pre-Order require a deposit. All deposits (the "NRD") are non-refundable. The NRD amount (if any) is clearly shown on the Product webpage. The NRD will be collected from the Customer’s payment method immediately upon submitting the order. Any NRD collected is non-transferable. The NRD does not represent the full purchase price of the Product. Customer may not use store credit to pay the NRD.

4. Pre-Order Submission: To submit a Pre-Order the Customer will complete checkout for the Product on the Company website. Any NRD will be collected immediately from the payment method specified by the Customer. If the Customer requests a Pre-Order by any means other than the website, including by telephone or email, the Pre-Order is considered submitted upon payment of the NRD. By submitting a Pre-Order, the Customer agrees to remit payment for the final amount due (see “Final Payment Invoice” below) within 7 days of receipt of the Final Payment Invoice from the Company. Company agrees to reserve the Product for the Customer, unless Customer fails to pay the Final Payment Invoice within 7 days. 

5. Advance Payments: The Company may allow the Customer to make advance payments towards the final balance due on a Pre-Order. If Customer is making payments on a preorder item and Customer chooses to cancel the order, the advance payments are non refundable. They become store credit.

6. Pre-Order Cancellation: The Customer or the Company may cancel a Pre-Order at any time. Pre-Order cancellation will result in either forfeiture or refund of the NRD (if any) and advance payments (if any) depending on the following conditions:

A. Forfeiture of NRD: The Customer agrees to forfeit to the Company the NRD if either (1) the Customer cancels the Pre-Order for any reason, or (2) the Pre-Order is cancelled due to failure of the Customer to remit the Final Amount Due within 7 days of receipt of the Final Payment Invoice from the Company.

B. Refund of NRD: The Company agrees to refund the NRD to the Customer if the Company cancels the Pre-Order due to a Product becoming Non-Available to the Customer.

C. Advance Payments: The Company agrees to refund any advance payments to the Customer if the Company cancels the Pre-Order due to a Product becoming Non-Available to the Customer. The Company will not refund advance payments if the Pre-Order is cancelled by the customer. These payments are non refundable and will become store credit.

7. Non-Availability of Product: A Product becomes Non-Available if the Company, at its sole discretion, determines it will never be able to ship the Product to the Customer. Delays in release of the Product by the manufacturer or distributors do not result in the Product becoming Non-Available. Submission of a Pre-Order does not guarantee that the Product will be available to the Customer.

8. Final Payment Invoice: Upon availability of the Product for shipment, the Company will email a Final Payment Invoice to the Customer indicating the Final Amount Due. The Final Amount Due will be the full purchase price of the Product, plus any applicable shipping, handling, and taxes, minus any NRD and Advance Payments paid by the Customer. The Customer must remit the Final Amount Due to the Company within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the Pre-Order and forfeiture of the NRD (if any) to the Company. Customer may use store credit to pay the final payment invoice, in part or in full. 

9. Additional Terms and Conditions: The purchase of the Product is subject to additional Terms and Conditions provided by the Company. The current Terms and Conditions can be found here and are subject to change without notice.