Deer Lord Studio Dark Blood Series King Arthur Statue

Statue by Deer Lord Studio
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The dark blood from the depths of the ocean has once again reached the shores of the
Kingdom. This time around, the army is more powerful than ever. Animated by the abyss's
sorcery, the deep sea tribes launched an airborne assault that looked like nightfall. After several
years of aggression, the army long suffers from inadequate fighting power, and the war has
expanded to the plains outside of the city.
As the atmosphere of the overthrow of the kingdom becomes stronger in the Kingdom, yells
such as "Eternal King Arthur, I implore you to return and rescue your people." are heard more and
more often among the populace.
Every mage's lifetime ambition is to rise to the level of an arch mage above the Rule of
nature. With a similar dream in mind, Merlin embarked on the path of the mage, and he endured
an innumerable number of trials in the process. However, after a little pause, she decided to open
the "BLACK MAGIC BOOK" which had been put aside for a very long time.
In an instant, there was this deafening sound, and the boulder treasury gradually crumbled,
and the stone walls were rearranged to create a Stonehenge. Simultaneously, the summoning circle
erupted with a blast of strong energy and gradually solidified into a black magic circle. However,
because to Merlin's lack of practice over dark magic, the black magic circle was incomplete; as it
rose, all the valuables in the treasury started to melt, and metal liquid pooled along the crevices of
the ground's bricks and gradually merged into a massive armor by the black magic circle, and an
unseen force also drew the knight's sword on the wall and connected it to the rear of the armor,
eventually becoming massive sword wings!
"Country!"The massive armored body slowly rose to its feet.

Statue Info: “Dark Blood Series”-King of Arthur 
Studio Name: Deer Lord Studio
Materials: Resin
Limited Edition: 150pcs
Approximate Dimensions: 58 x 32 x 39 inches (147cm x 80cm x 97.8cm)

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