Ferrari 275 GTB/C #26 Biscaldi and de Bourbon Red

1:18 Scale Replica by CMC
A masterpiece of architecture model:M-199 CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C 24H Le Mans France 1966, Biscaldi/Bourbon-Parme

A limited edition will be offered of Chassis #09015 as this car was used by NART to race with starting number #26 in Le Mans 1966 and with Biscaldi and de Bourbon at the wheel.
A standard edition of the 275 GTB/C will be based on Chassis #09067 with a red finish and a black interior. CMC may also consider offering a few more limited editions.

Technical data of the CMC model:
Model:Precision model hand-assembled
Manufacturer:CMC GmbH, Classic Model Cars, Germany
Limited Edition:1,800
Model car details:
Hand-assembled precision metal model from 1,459 parts
Authentic and true-to-scale body
Lift-to-open bonnet with self-locking support rod
12-cylinder V-engine complete with piping and wiring
Highly original-styled dashboard with both instruments and controls
Detachable Borrani spoke-wheels with central locking and right/left thread
Detailed air vents in the front fenders
Fuel filler spout with an opening cap in the trunk
Functional doors with openable corner windows
Detailed replication of the racing trims, including the roll bar, fire extinguisher and seat belts
Bucket seats and upholstery covered in brown fabric
Authentic replication of the Nardi 3-spoke steering wheel
Removable spare wheel in the trunk
Functional independent wheel suspension with metal wishbones for all four wheels
Detailed twin-outlet exhaust system with chromed metal tailpipes
Flip-to-open flap for the oil filler spout in the front right fender
Description of the original vehicle:The 275 GTB was a two-seat gran turismo automobile with a displacement of 275 cc per cylinder. Four 275 GTB Competizione Speciales were built in 1965, each fitted with a 250LM engine. Its entire body was made of thin aluminium, and the chassis was built of magnisium and steel perorated with holes all over. At one point in time, the light weight of the Speciales posed a problem, and the FIA refused to homologate the model as a GT contender. This underweight issue was dismissed only after Enzo Ferrari threatened to abandon the motor sport altogether, and a compromised was subsequetly reached.
A series II version of the 275 GTB appeared in 1966. It was known as 275 GTB/C, where C stands for "Competizione". A total of twelve 275 GTB/Cs were constructed and equipped either with a two-cam or four-cam engine. Suspension was made stiffer by extra springs. The body was mounted on a super-lighteight chassis and covered by ultra thin aluminium panels that were half as thick as the ones used on the 275 GTB. Even leaning on a 275 GTB/C would dent its body. The entire rear section was reinforced by fiberglass to prevent it from flexing. Many parts were cast in magnisium to save weight. Due to a clerical error that confined the 275 GTB/C to a three "carb" engine, the GTB/Cs had to use three Weber 40DF13 instead of six 38DCN carburettors, which impacted its power output.
CMC had the rare opportunity to document in detail the GTB/C #09015 in its original condition. The car is the second Competizione produced from series II and one of the last GT class cars built by the racing department at Maranelo. As is the case with most 275 GTB/Cs, #09015 saw some serious track use. Throughout its racing career, the 275 GTB/C model type racked up quite a number of victories.

CMC Legal DisclaimerThe use of manufacturers’ names, symbols, type designations, and/or descriptions is solely for reference purposes. It does not imply that the CMC scale model is a product of any of these manufacturers.
The use of racing team and/or driver names, symbols, starting numbers, and/or descriptions is solely for reference purposes. Unless otherwise stated, it does not imply that the CMC scale model is a product of any of these racing teams/drivers or endorsed by any of them.

Technical data of the original vehicle:
Aluminum body over tubular steel frame
12-cylinder-60°-V-engine. One overhead camshaft per cylinder bank, chain-driven
Dry sump lubrication
Mixture preparation with 3 Weber twin-carburetors and open air-intake pipes
Ignition with two coils and one spark plug per cylinder
Bore x Stroke:77 x 58.8 mm
Displacement:3286 cm3
Power:300 hp at 7600 rpm
Top speed:275 km/h
Acceleration0-100 km/h: 4.9 s
Wheelbase:2400 mm
Track width f/r:1377/1393 mm
Total length:4370 mm
Overall width:1725 mm
Overall height:1245 mm
Net weight:1066 kg (with racing trims)

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