Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio: Geppetto & Pinocchio (Pre-Order)

Tenth Scale Statue by Iron Studios

With simple, dirty, and patched-up clothes, the old carpenter carver finds happiness in the emotional bonds with a wooden child, and even though the child is full of defects in its rustic wooden body filled with patches and nails, the small puppet who came to life by magic smiles while being caught up in the air by the calloused, firm, and affectionate hands of its creator, whom he has a father.

With the special Talking Cricket over a twig on the old man’s feet, Iron Studios proudly bring their statue “Geppetto & Pinocchio Deluxe - Pinocchio - Art Scale 1/10", inspired by the classic fairytale reinvented in a stop-motion animation made by the established director Guillermo del Toro, and released by the Netflix streaming service.

The fable of the wooden boy that wished to be a real boy, based on the novel written by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi in 1883, gets a version set in 1930s Italy, under the fascist regime and the Second World War. In the plot, once a respected carpenter artist called Geppetto spends his day grieving for the early death of his only child victim of a military bomb that fell on his small town. To honor his memory, he plants a pinecone that he got from his son next to his grave. Sebastian, an anthropomorphic cricket, starts living on the pine tree that grew there, but one day, Geppetto slashes down the pine tree, frustrated by the sensation of loss, and with its wood, he builds a puppet that soon after, comes to life by the mystic powers of the Forest Fairy that calls it Pinocchio. The Fairy promises to give Sebastian a wish in exchange for his services as Pinocchio’s moral guide. When Geppetto finds out that Pinocchio is alive, he is initially shocked, but his paternal instincts make him protect and love the mischievous doll.

A long-standing project at its creative peak presents this classic from children’s literature with originality, in a moving adaptation, praised by the critics with 3 nominations to the 80th Golden Globe, winning Best Animated Feature Film.

Product Specifications

License: Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio
Product Type: 1:10 Scale Statue
Manufactured by: Iron Studios
Product Size: 9" H (228.6mm) x 5.5" W (139.7mm) x 5.5" L (139.7mm)
Product Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)

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