Three Kingdoms Huang Zhong Color Version

Seventh Scale Statue by Infinity Studio
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The 1/7 scale Huang Zhong Statue is based on the Battle of Mount Dingjun. It has captured the charm of Huang Zhong, who cleaved Xiahou Yuan beneath the shoulders.

The allusion is a classic symbol of national characteristics. And it is also reenacted in Peking Opera, as well as a film titled Mount Dingjun which is the first Chinese film ever made.

With a view to improving and differentiating designs, the 1/7 scale version was crafted to capture the charm of "old but vigorous" while intentionally emphasizing the blade-wielding design.

Product Specifications:

License: Three Kingdoms Generals
Product Type: Statue
Manufactured by: Infinity Studio
Product Size: 17.33" H (440.18mm) x 8.28" W (210.31mm) x 15.75" L (400.05mm)

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