League of Legends: The Lady of Luminosity Lux 3D Frame

Collectible by Infinity Studio
Estimated Arrival: Q3 2023

Light 'em up! “The Lady of Luminosity - Lux” now joined Infinity Studio’s League of Legends line-up in the form of 3D Frame!

Grew up in Demacia, Luxanna Crownguard has to keep her magical abilities in secret to avoid unnecessary suspicion. However, as an optimistic and strong champion, Lux eventually learned to embrace her talents and protect her homeland secretly.
We captured the moment when Lux holding her staff and ready to wield her magic. The classic Demacia castle tower in the background implied her origin. Delicate paint applied on the armor and outfit performed varied textures perfectly.

Product Specifications

Material: PVC etc.
Approximate Size: 10" (25cm) x 9" (21cm) x 1.5" (3.5cm)

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