NASA: Space Shuttle Insulation Layout Set of 4 Blueprints

Art Print by Artifactory

This set of four blueprints shows you the placement of the different types of thermal insulation that was used on the Space Shuttle.

The Thermal Protection System provided protection for the Orbiter during the searing 3,000 F (1,650 C) heat of atmospheric re-entry. Some areas were covered with replaceable tiles (such as the underside) whilst other areas were covered with thermal blankets. The types of materials used in various areas changed as the Space Transportation System evolved.

Each blueprint shows you a different view of the Spacecraft: plan (side); dorsal (top); ventral (bottom); and isometric (perspective). All four blueprints in this set are the same size: 12 by 18 and are suitable for framing. Learn more about how the only re-usable spacecraft ever to fly was built. 18 H x 12 W each in set of four (4).

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