Naruto Shippuden: Naruto 4th War Ikigai

Sixth Scale Statue by Tsume Art
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"Alright, Alright! I mean there is no need to turn this all thing into a competition, you know?! Wind Release, Rasen Shuriken!" - Naruto

Charging towards Obito, Naruto Uzumaki Ikigai combines his Wind Release: Futon Rasen Shuriken attack with his Sasuke's Enton Kagutsuchi. With teamwork, they can eliminate a common enemy together. In a compelling pose, Naruto uses Kyuubi Chakra Mode transcribed with the symbols of his outfit and his fiery figure. With his right hand, his attack is prepared with the Wind Element technique. With the Bijuu Kyuubi's head, it represents its connection to Naruto and their shared power. At the base, there is a rocky landscape bringing us back to the 4th Great Ninja War. 


Materials: Polyresin and magnets
1/6 Scale Statue
Limited Edition
Product Dimensions: H: 36cm * W: 18cm * D: 36cm

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