Naruto Shippuden: Minato Namikaze Ikigai

Sixth Scale Statue by Tsume Art
Estimated Arrival: Q1 2024


Tsume presents Minato Namikaze Ikigai Sixth Scale Statue from the Naruto Shippuden series.


Minato is the creator of the Rasengan technique, intended to protect Kushina and effectively fight a Jinchūriki. His power proved able to block Kurama's Tailed Beast Orb. Here we see him determined and ready to launch his devastating attack.


Fourth Hokage, Minato sacrificed himself for his village.
He is represented here with his famous white cape and red flame patterns,
with the kanji 四代目火影 meaning Fourth Hokage.


Like his master Jiraiya, Minato can summon toads. He was one of the few people to earn the respect and full cooperation of Gamabunta, depicted on the base ready to draw his sword.

Product Details:
Materials: Polyresin
Scale: 1/6
Approximate Dimensions: 7.08" x 14.17" x 16.14" (18 X 36 X 41 CM)
Art direction / Concept art / Paint : Tsume Team - Fabio Rossi

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