One Piece: Yamato Ikigai

Sixth Scale Statue by Tsume Art
Estimated Arrival: Q2 2024


Yamato is deeply determined to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Oden Kozuki.

This is manifested in his unwavering drive to achieve his aspirations, even in the face of adversity. The reference to Oden is also represented thanks to the Kozuki family logo on the base.

Yamato pursues his own path with fierce will. He aspires to total freedom, seeking to free himself from the constraints imposed by others and to follow his own destiny. Ready to take to the sea with Luffy, he fights alongside him.

Yamato uses his favorite weapon here, identical to that of his father.
Its powerful attack, ready to split the air, leaves little hope to his adversaries!

Product Details:
Scale: 1/6 Scale
Approximate Dimensions: 15.75H x 8.66W x 14.17D inches (40cm x 22cm x 36cm)
Materials: Polyresin
Limited Edition size: 2000
Art Direction / Concept Art / Paint : Tsume Team - Anaïs Barbeau

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