The Hobbit: Azog the Defiler John Howe Signature Edition Quarter Scale (Pre-Order)

Quarter Scale Statue by Darkside Collectibles Studio

“Moria had been taken by legions of Orcs led by the most vile of their race… Azog the Defiler. The giant Gundabad Orc had sworn to wipe out the line of Durin. He began… by beheading the king.”

Azog the Defiler: John Howe Signature Edition Quarter Scale (QS) Series
DarkSide Collectibles Studio proudly presents the second Statue of the Morgoth Collection, Azog the defiler Signature Edition series by John Howe.

The Battle of Azanulbizar was fought in the year TA 2799 and was between the Dwarves and the Orcs. It was the greatest battle of the War of Dwarves and Orcs, and was a decisive victory for the Dwarves. The battle claimed the lives of many heroes, Frerin, son of Thráin II and younger brother of Thorin Oakenshield. Fundin, father of Balin and Dwalin.

After the battle the casualties among the Dwarves were so high that there were not enough left to bury all the dead, so the fallen were assembled into a pyre and burned. Subsequent generations would say ‘he was a burned dwarf’ and nothing more needed to be said.

Τhe Battle of Azanulbizar as shown in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey features the Thror attempt to to lead all of his people back to their ancestral realm in Azanulbizar only to find that the Gundabad Orcs, led by Azog, had gotten there first. Before going into battle, Thrór gave his son Thráin his Ring of Power in case he was slain.

Thrór fought with his son and grandson during the battle, and attempted to fight against Azog, but the Orc darted aside and decapitated him. Thorin witnessed his grandfather’s death and attempted to avenge him.

The giant and pale Gundabad Orc, is the most known orc in the hobbit trilogy. Azog has ruled by will and might the northern tribes of orcs for many decades, leading them to victory in battles against their hated foes, the Dwarves of the line of Durin.

Standing triumphant at a magnificent 68cm (26,7 inches) height, Azog is posed based on the iconic scene of the battle of Azanulbizar Outside the East Gate of Moria standing atop defeated King Thror body holding his knife on his left arm and the beheaded King Thror on his right.

Fully sculpted the costumes of both Azog and Thror have been developed with high precision featuring stunning details.

The statue of Azog is breathtaking to look at, as it is full of intricate detailing, one has to see up close to believe it! Crafted in polystone, the amazing artisans of Darkside Collectibles Studio have captured all the defining elements of both characters, On Azog the leather faces in his skirt cry to come out, the life like skin details with the characteristic scars are extraordinary detailed. The weaponry detail is unparallel, The likeness of Azog and Thror is impeccable.

Thror’s body and head armor has been recreated from the original studio archives in stunning detail. Even if Thror is defeated the stains of orc blood mark his weapons and armor signifying the countless orcs that fell from his blade. Stanning detailed Thror’s sword and shield accompany this masterpiece.

The statue comes with two heads of Thror one clean version for a milder appearance closer to Tolkien philosophy and a Gore version for a more battle brutality realistic appearance.

An individual hand signed by Mr John Howe Art print completes the stunning presentation.

Don’t miss the definitive Azog Statue. This is a must have for all Middle Earth Fans.

The Signature Edition series will be produced on limited numbers.

Product Specifications:

Scale: 1/4
Product Size:
H: 68 cm (26.7 inches)
D: 38 cm (14.9 inches)
W: 47 cm (18.5 inches)
Product Weight: 15 Kg (33 lbs)

One (1) Art-print individually hand signed by John Howe.
One (1) John Howe concept design themed base featuring the decapitation of King Thror scene from the battle of Azanulbizar.
One (1) Swappable left hand holding King Thror Head.
One (1) Swappable left hand holding King Thror Head Gore version.
One (1) free to place highly detailed screen accurate mace of Azog base accessory.
One (1) free to place highly detailed screen accurate King Thror Sword base accessory.
One (1) free to place highly detailed screen accurate King Thror Shield base accessory.
Prototype sample shown. Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

Art Print Features:
Limited edition to the number of the Statue.
W 58 cm (22.84 inches) x H 42 cm (16.54 inches) fine art giclée print.
100% cotton, acid-free, matte Museo Rag 300 GSM.
Epson archival inks.
Individually Hand signed by the artist, John Howe.
Embossed seal of authenticity.

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