Wonders of the Wild: Elasmotherium Rhino (Winter Version)


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An extremely limited new release of the Elasmotherium Rhino will feature snow decoration on the animals and base to recreate these majestic creatures in the cold environment of the last Ice Age.

The Elasmotherium ranged the wide-open plains of Eurasia as recently as 29,000 years ago, making it contemporary with early humans. It was most likely made extinct by the change in climate during the most recent Ice Age.

Elasmotherium was as large as a Wooly Mammoth, measuring from 4 to 5 meters in length and standing over 2 meters tall. It may have had a large horn up to 2 meters long used for defense and digging.

Star Ace presents a new statue sculpted by renowned animal sculptor, Sean Cooper as part of the Wonders of the Wild series. This polyresin prehistoric rhinoceros features two bird companions to help keep the larger animal free of bugs, just as birds do for modern rhinos. The Elasmotherium is attached to a base representing its natural habitat.

This Polyresin Statue is 28cm long and stands 16.5cm tall. The Elasmotherium (Winter) will be available with black fur.

Product Specifications:

28cm Long Historic Creatures Polyresin Statue
Sculptor: Sean Cooper
Product Type: Polyresin, (non scale) 28cm long
Product Size: Statue – Approximately L 280mm W 140mm H 165 mm
Product Weight: Statue – Approximately : 2.7Kgs (including Diorama & Package)

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